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At-Home Enrichment for Your Preschooler

At school or daycare, your child’s day is filled with play and learning. Do you ever wish you could create that same sort of magic when you’re at home? You can, and you don’t have to be a professional to do it! 

With just a few tricks up your sleeve, you can enrich your preschooler’s everyday activities and feel confident that your home is a place of learning, growing, and — most importantly — having fun.

1. Get ‘Em Moving

Preschool teachers know that little kids love to move. Learning and movement often go hand in hand, so don’t expect your kids to sit still just because you want to teach them something. Instead, embrace their natural wiggles and incorporate them into your lessons.

  • Pair books and actions. For example, read Animals in Fall and act out the critters’ activities. Swim like whales, flit like butterflies, and curl up like sleepy bears.
  • Count while jumping, marching, or walking up the stairs.
  • Name a shape or a color. Have your kids run to touch as many items that fit that category as they can find.
  • Put on some music and have a dance party. It’s good exercise and a great way to encourage motor skills.

Animals in Fall: Preparing for Winter

2. Dive into Stories

Reading is a favorite way to pass the time with little kids. Whether your preschoolers are willing to snuggle up for one story or a whole stack of them, every book presents a learning opportunity. As they listen, children will develop their literacy skills and discover new things about the world. For titles on a particular topic, check out LightSail’s Unit Studies. These resource collections are packed with kid-friendly book suggestions on topics like:

3. Explore the World

Learning can take place anywhere, and it’s fun to go on adventures during school breaks. Hiking trails, children’s museums, and playgrounds are popular destinations for young families. You might even be able to arrange a visit to your local fire department or police station. If weather or schedules keep you from going out, take a digital trip instead. With LightSail’s 360 images and livestreams, your children can explore the world from the living room couch.

4. Make Projects

Your kids come home from school with colorful pictures and cute craft projects to hang on the refrigerator. They’ll enjoy doing activities like that at home, too. Thanks to digital templates and online instructions, you don’t even have to be a craft whiz to make it happen. In LightSail’s World Book Early Learners platform, you’ll find ideas and printables that are just right for kids this age.Finally, remember that preschoolers have short attention spans. It’s okay for planned activities to last only a few minutes at a time. During the rest of the day, you can follow your children’s lead or let them play independently. They can explore LightSail’s audiobooks, educational videos, and World Book Kids games, too. All it takes is little moments here and there throughout the day to make learning magic happen in your home.

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Posted on 3.Mar.22 in Reading at Home Tips

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How do I know what books are right for my child?

LightSail takes the guesswork out of choosing books for your child by tailoring each child’s library to their precise reading level.

By honing in on a child’s precise Lexile reading score, LightSail can match them with books that are at that “just-right” level to promote optimal reading progress.

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What ages/grades is LightSail for?

LightSail’s Premium and Standard subscriptions are designed for children in grades 3 through 12 (ages 8-18).

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Is LightSail different from an Amazon Kindle or other e-readers?

Unlike static e-readers, LightSail doesn’t just offer children books.

Every book and article in LightSail contains 6 layers of added features that let your child experience books.

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What types of parental control do I have over my child’s activity and content?

In short, complete control.

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How can I make reading fun for my child?

LightSail incorporates gamification features into every aspect of the platform, especially reading!

By integrating badges, goals and milestones, social sharing options, motivational messages, and the ability for parents to add customizable gift rewards, LightSail incentivizes reading, writing, and learning just like kids’ favorite games.

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