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4th Grade Summer Reading List

Posted on 29.Jul.21 in Literacy Strategies

While students and teachers often need a bit of a reset during the summer months, it is important for the children to at least actively keep reading so their literacy… Read more

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3rd Grade Summer Reading List

Posted on 29.Jul.21 in Literacy Strategies

To help avoid the summer reading slide, it is important to keep children actively reading during the summer months. If not, the amount their literacy skills can regress could leave… Read more

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Easy LightSail Tips to Help Prepare Students for Spring Testing

Posted on 5.Mar.20 in Featured, News, Literacy Strategies

Believe it or not, test prep season is upon us. With just a few adjustments to your normal LightSail reading block, you can use our platform to help students prepare… Read more

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From Powwows to Potlatches: Creating a Native American Themed Unit in Rosen-LightSail

Posted on 3.Dec.19 in Featured, News, Literacy Strategies

November was Native American Heritage Month. Did you know that more than five million people of Native American decent currently live in the United States? The U.S. is home to… Read more

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage & Culture Month

Posted on 8.Oct.19 in Featured, News, Literacy Strategies, United States

At Rosen-LightSail, we are committed to celebrating diversity everyday. From September 15th – October 15th, we specifically celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing the contributions of Hispanic and Latinx… Read more

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Cross-Train Your Brain: Use Rosen-LightSail to Build Stamina for Testing

Posted on 24.Apr.19 in Featured, News, Literacy Strategies, United States

Gaining stamina for the things we love– shopping, running, or maybe even socializing, is easy. It is way more difficult to work up the motivation, interest, or ability to do… Read more

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Wonderful Women Who Changed History – News

Women’s History Month may be over, however that doesn’t mean that our learning about influential women should end. Let’s be honest, our world would not go round without the help… Read more

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LightSail Celebrates Our Presidents!

Posted on 19.Feb.19 in News, Literacy Strategies, United States

This week schools across the United States are celebrating Presidents’ Day! Do you know the history behind this special holiday? It is celebrated on the third Monday of February. Much… Read more

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Happy Chinese New Year from LightSail!

  We have some exciting news for you! We have four new and exciting Antares series that we’re adding final touches to. That’s 40 new books! As soon as they’re… Read more

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