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News – Team LightSail Abroad

2018 has been an exciting year for the LightSail team, having attended three major events in three countries in the last two months. Steven and Samantha attended EduTECH Africa in… Read more

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Indian Land Middle School wins LightSail Launch Challenge

Posted on 17.Nov.17 in Partner Success

The Lancaster News reported that Indian Land Middle School won first place in the LightSail Launch Challenge, with students reading 177,442 minutes on LightSail over the four-week contest. ILMS had nearly… Read more

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Featured Teacher: Christian Reed, Los Angeles Unified School District

Posted on 22.Aug.17 in Partner Success

Christian Reed is a 5th grade teacher at Figueroa Street Elementary in Los Angeles, California. He started piloting LightSail back in 2015 for use during the independent reading period. Over… Read more

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Featured Teachers: Prairie Trail School, Gurnee School District 56

Posted on 15.May.17 in Partner Success

Elementary school teachers Krista Wyman and Mary Lee Xenos met back in 1st grade, where they began a friendship that continued through college. After graduation, they both got jobs in… Read more

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Featured Teacher: Melissa Rice, Floyd B. Watson Elementary School

Posted on 13.Dec.16 in Partner Success

Melissa Rice remembers when most of her time and energy during the reading period was spent matching her 5th graders to the right book. “It used to be an arduous… Read more

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Featured Teacher: Arielle Walker, Denver Public Schools

Posted on 31.Aug.16 in Partner Success

Like most students, Arielle Walker’s technology-loving 4th graders were thrilled to start using iPads a few times a week during independent reading. Walker, who teaches at Barnum Elementary School in… Read more

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Digital Reading Platforms Offer New Opportunities for Educators

Posted on 1.Aug.16 in Partner Success

by Mitch Center, former Assistant Superintendent for Newark Public Schools Since the time of one-room schoolhouses, and likely before that, educators at all levels have been hard pressed to know… Read more

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Laurie Guyon, Schuylerville Central School District

Posted on 17.May.16 in Partner Success, Data Driven Results

“IT’S BEEN EYE-OPENING TO SEE WHAT STUDENTS AT EVERY LEVEL ARE REALLY CAPABLE OF” Like many ELA classrooms around the country, Laurie Guyon’s 6th grade class has a variety of… Read more

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Summer School Sets the Stage for Success

Posted on 2.May.16 in Partner Success

Find out how one New York City student discovered himself as a reader during an unexpected time in the school year. Jay* was an intrinsically bright student whose lack of engagement and motivation… Read more

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