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Must-Read Coding Books

Learning how to code today can help kids prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. Whether your kids have learned to code in school or are brand-new to the concept, the books below will help encourage and develop their skills.  They provide step-by-step guidance and instruction that will give your students an extra edge in the coding realm.

1. The Basics of Coding

Before kids dig too deep into how to code, they may want to understand what coding is all about. While hands-on experience is sometimes the best teacher, books are invaluable tools as well.

The Kids Get Coding series has just what your programmers-in-training need. Learn to Program will help them grasp the basics. Plus, you’ll certainly appreciate the safety tips in Online Safety for Coders.

Learn to Program
Online Safety for Coders

Would your children rather be on the ball field instead of at the computer? The Sports Coding Concept series could help. Sporty Looping and other titles in this series will explain coding ideas in ways that make sense to young athletes.

Sporty Looping

Crayola Art of Coding provides fun activities to help kids understand how code works. Creative thinkers may especially enjoy this one.

Crayola Art of Codin

The Coding is CATegorical set of books uses cartoon cats to teach readers about coding. Although the drawings are lighthearted, this series definitely delves into some advanced concepts. For example, You Can’t Dance to These Rhythms is all about algorithms.

You Can't Dance to These Rhythms

2. Minecraft Coding

Minecraft is a fun game for kids, but it’s also a sneaky way to teach coding. If you have a Minecraft fan in your house, books on the topic can be a great way to hook their interest in coding.

The Unofficial Guide to Minecraft series is packed with colorful illustrations, fan-friendly information, and coding tips for gamers. The Unofficial Guide to Minecraft Survival is just one of the many popular titles in this collection.

The Unofficial Guide to Minecraft Survival

Ready, Set, Code’s The Unofficial Guide to Coding with Minecraft can help even newbies get started. The step-by-step instructions help kids learn exactly what to do.

The Unofficial Guide to Coding with Minecraft

3. Scratch Coding

Scratch is a programming language that was designed with kids and education in mind. Learning to use Scratch can be a great place for beginning coders to start.

Scratch Jr is a simplified form of this language for the youngest coders. Coding with Scratch Jr presents project ideas that even preschoolers can try.

Coding with ScratchJr

Your children may have worked with Scratch in school. The Project Code series is designed for children who already know the basics of this language. Each title focuses on a different type of project. For example, Create Your Own Story with Scratch will teach young coders to add music, animation, and background effects to digital stories.

Create Your Own Story with Scratch

4. Other Languages

There is a wide world of programming languages out there. The more of them your kids try, the more versatile their skillset will be. The books below will help your students explore some of the best-known languages.

HTML: Mission HTML

Mission HTML

JavaScript: Girl Code Revolution

Girl Code Revolution

Python: Coding with Python

Coding with Python

Ruby: Mission Ruby

Mission Ruby

5. All About Coders

Your kids can also get to know the history of coding and where the field is heading.

In books, kids can meet famous coders. Programming Pioneer Ada Lovelace provides a fascinating look at an unlikely coding expert. Reshma Saujani: Girls Who Code Founder may inspire a new generation of females to dig into computer coding.

Programming Pioneer Ada Lovelace
Reshma Saujani: Girls Who Code Founder

For teens who have taken to this topic, don’t miss Wide World of Coding. They may be surprised at just how many industries rely on coding expertise. Your students may even latch onto a potential career path!

The Wide World of Coding: The People and Careers behind the Programs

Here’s one final tip: LightSail’s coding books aren’t just for kids. If Mom or Dad’s coding abilities could use some improvement, dive in right alongside your kids. With the tips and projects in these books, you may quickly learn a new skill or two!

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