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How many parent accounts are included with a child's license?

Every family account includes two Parent Accounts.

I am part of a homeschool group and we share teaching responsibilities. How can I access those accounts?

LightSail has created a Teacher/Coach role that can connect with multiple accounts. This is available as an add-on purchase. This account acts as additional parent with full teacher control to all connected accounts.

Is your platform only Faith-Based?

LightSail is available for both Faith-Based and Secular families. A parent can choose to allow or hide faith-based content including Unit Studies. LightSail has created hundreds of faith-based Unit Studies, Bookmarks, Quotations, and Memory Modules.

If I want to purchase a book with your Premium Books Shop, do I have to buy a copy for each license I purchased?

No, when you purchase a book using our Premium Books Shop, you only need to purchase one copy for your entire family. Your purchase includes unlimited checkouts.

How does LightSail’s ChildSafe protection work?

At LightSail, a parent’s ability to oversee their child’s online experience and align it with their faith and values is of the utmost importance. To this end, LightSail contains an entire suite of parental control features and never-before-seen ChildSafe Content Controls giving parents ultimate peace of mind.

These content controls contain dozens of nuanced subcategories for potentially objectionable material based on both maturity and religious factors. Then, it shows parents if a book contains a reference to any of those subcategories and allows them to block or allow single titles or entire subcategories for each child individually. Our ChildSafe Content Controls offer unprecedented insight into and control over the content your children consume without the need to read every book in advance.

  • Block or allow individual pieces of content.
  • Block or allow entire subcategories of content.
  • Require a child to request parental approval before opening entire subcategories of content.
  • Block, allow, or require requesting parental approval for all Classics library content.
  • Block or require requesting parental approval for all unrated content.

Click here to learn more about all of our parental controls.

Can I create my own Book Club?

Yes, you can create your own Book Club and share the secret code with your friends. You can also search for active Book Clubs and send a request to the admin to join.

What are Book Chats?

A book chat is a chat that is connected to a book. Children can join the chat while reading and communicate with other children their age about this book. Parents have full oversight and control of their childs chat.

  • Turn on or off Book Chat access.
  • Set the allowable range of grades for Book Chats.
  • Turn on or off Book Club chat access.
  • Set the allowable range of grades for Book Club chats.
  • Restrict chat access to only Book Club chats.
  • View all chats your child is in.
  • Remove and block your child from any chat.

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Does a Premium Subscription include all available features?

Both Premium and Standard Subscriptions include all our available features from Authentic Writing, Spelling Bee, Word Work, Fluency Assignments and access to all data points. We are continually working to introduce new features and content to our platform, so we appreciate your patience as LightSail grows.

Can I upgrade an existing license?

Yes, you can upgrade any account by upgrading the license or adding on additional features.

Can I control when my child can watch a video?

Yes, you have full control on when your child can access a video. A parent has the following controls:

  • Turn on or off access to videos.
  • Turn on or off access to action clips.
  • Turn on or off action clips that appear within books.
  • Set a reading minutes requirement in order to unlock a video.
  • Restrict the times of day that videos and action clips can be accessed.
  • Turn on or off access to Audisee books (enhanced audiobooks).
  • Turn on or off access to standard audiobooks.
  • Set a reading minutes requirement in order to unlock an audiobook.
  • Turn on or off access to interactive books.

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How does your Buy One - Donate One program work?

At LightSail, we believe that literacy is a basic right and no child should be left behind. We therefore are commited to  matching  and donating a free license to the charity that you choose. For example, if you purchase 3 licenses, 2 Premium and 1 World Book Early Learners, LightSail will donate 2 Premium and 1 World Book Early Learners licenses to the charity that you choose. LightSail will also track the data generated by your donated license and show you the real-time data.

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