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Kids - Grades 1st - 3rd

Interactive, image-based navigation helps young learners find information quickly and develop necessary digital literacy skills.


Pictures and Videos - Dig Deeper! Choose illustrations, pictures, and videos from such categories as arts to living things, to people and science and mathematics.


Expand subject comprehension with curated content that allows students to "dig deeper" into topics of interest.


Science Projects and lesson plans support SILM/SILAM initiatives. NGGS, Common core, and State Standards through project-based learning.


World Book Kids takes the depth and breadth of information in a full reference library and presents it in an interactive, easy to read format that is perfect for younger students.

Age-appropriate content invites children to dig deeper into topics of interest and begin to make knowledge connections between different subjects, and image-based navigation ensures that young learners can access the information they’re looking for.

World Book Logo Kids
  • World of Animals - Learn about hundreds of animals around the world while improving compare and contrast skills.
  • Science Projects - Get hands-on with these projects and lesson plans in a wide variety of S.T.E.M. and natural science subjects.
  • Compare Places - Compare any two states, countries, provinces, or continents, and see a side-by-side of important facts or dive deeper into each one.
  • Maps - Explore an interactive map that connects children to relevant encyclopedia articles. Check out the Atlas and find maps showing political, demographic, and weather information, and more. Download and print blackline, maps with or without labels, and flags for students to complete and color.
  • WebQuests - Printable, self-directed research and explore lessons, perfect to supplement a homeschool curriculum.
  • Important People - Search hundreds of biographies filtered by categories such as gender, area of expertise, or time period.
  • Games, Activities, Pictures and Videos, a Dictionary, and much, much more. Borrowed and adapted with pride from World Book Digimag.


World of animals


Maps and More


Important People

Compare Places

Science Projects

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