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Why LightSail for homeschool

LightSail for Homeschoolers is a reading-centric, adaptive language arts platform. We are not another school product repackaged for use at home. We have built features and curated content, from the ground up, for homeschoolers, by homeschoolers. Which part of LightSail are you most excited to explore?

Category Feature Description Watch to Learn More Learn More on our Website
General Information Website Visit our website to find out why LightSail is the most comprehensive and adaptive language arts platform available for homeschoolers. Video Link
General Information Feature Map Explore our feature map to see how our dozens of modules, hundreds of features, and thousands of pieces of content work together across the four pillars of litearcy: reading, writing, vocabulary, and fluency. Link
General Information Booklet Download our booklet, which gives you detailed descriptions of our features and a peek inside the LightSail for Homeschoolers app. Link
Content Library In addition to the thousands of titles that come with every LightSail subscription from World Book Encyclopedia, Lerner Publishing, and LightSail’s own Antares collection, parents can curate their family’s LightSail library by purchasing from among tens of thousands of individual titles and bundles of books from top publishers, including popular homeschooling and faith-based publishers. Video Link
Content Classics LightSail is a classic lover’s dream! There are over 3,500 included in your LightSail library. But these are no ordinary public domain books. All of our classics have been enhanced with LightSail’s six layers of educational features, like tracking reading minutes and comprehension and embedded assessment questions. Even our Classics Library has been organized and categorized, specifically with homeschoolers in mind, to help you always find the perfect book. Video Link
Content Faith-Based Content Curate your family’s LightSail library, choosing from thousands of family-friendly books included with your LightSail subscription and hundreds of thousands more that can be purchased from the world’s top publishers. We partner with many faith-based favorites like Zondervan, Baker Publishing, and Kingstone Comics. Also included in your LightSail subscription is a wealth of public domain Christian content like Pilgrim’s Progress and the works of Martin Luther, as well as the King James Bible. Video Link
Content Premium Homeschool Favorites LightSail partners with the world’s top publishers to bring all your homeschool favorites and curricula-required titles right here. When you purchase books to add to your family’s LightSail library, you receive several benefits available nowhere else. Allow your entire family to read the same book at the same time. Track reading minutes and comprehension. Use in seamless conjunction with LightSail’s many features like fluency assignments, Library Collections, and more. All the titles from your Amazon wish list and library waitlist are waiting for you here, on LightSail! Video Link
Content Audiobooks & Interactive Books LightSail contains over 13,000 audiobooks of three different types to suit different readers: standard audiobooks, audiobooks with text highlighting by word, and audiobooks with text highlighting by sentence. Our standard audiobooks include thousands and thousands of classic homeschool favorites read by professional narrators. Additionally, we have interactive and augmented reality books that add exciting and engaging options for young readers. Video Link
Content Library Collections Library Collections are groups of books, encyclopedia articles, videos, or any other multimedia content in LightSail centered around a particular topic or central theme. These collections are perfect for unit studies or thematic learning. Parents can create their own collections, but LightSail also includes over 150 pre-made collections curated by authentic homeschooling moms for every subject, age range, and homeschooling style. Video Link
Content Bookmarks Sometimes, when you’re studying a large work of literature or anthology, there are only portions of the text that are relevant for your purposes. LightSail’s Bookmarks feature lets you isolate sections of a book and then organize them, assign them to your child to read, attach assessment questions, use them in a fluency assignment, include them in Library Collections, and more. While you can create your own Bookmarks, our dedicated team of experienced homeschool moms has created hundreds of them for LightSail families to use from classic literature, the Bible, and more. Video Link
Content Quotations LightSail’s Quotations feature allows you to isolate, organize, and assign small portions of a larger text for your child to read and study--perfect for a few lines of poetry or Shakespeare or a Bible verse or two. While you can create your own Quotations, our dedicated team of experienced homeschool moms has created hundreds of them for LightSail families to use from classic poetry, the Bible, and more. Video Link
Content Memory Work Lists LightSail’s tool for memorization takes the work out of memory work. First, pick the content you want your child to memorize. Then, set up a schedule for practice and recitation. LightSail contains hundreds of premade lists for memory work, including the most commonly used lists from Classical and Charlotte Mason homeschooling styles and from popular homeschool curriculum. We have homeschoolers’ most frequently used memory work lists ready-made. Video Link
Content Educational Videos Video has the ability to engage, educate, and entertain like nothing else does. That is why LightSail places that power in the hands of parents, allowing them to integrate educational video content with reading and writing assignments. Video Link
Content World Book Encyclopedia Articles LightSail has partnered with World Book Encyclopedia to bring exceptional interactive resources and tools to your child’s fingertips directly within the platform. The entire World Book Encyclopedia is included, consisting of over 50,000 articles - all enhanced with LightSail’s seven layers of educational features like fill-in-the-blank assessments to check reading comprehension, a full dictionary, read-aloud ability, related content, and more. All articles are routinely revised to ensure they are up to date and relevant, and expert contributors and advisors ensure reliability and accuracy. Video Link
Content Maps & Atlases World Book’s Atlas feature links to articles, tables, and data about the world, helping children find maps showing political, population, economic and meteorological information, while World Book Maps lets children explore by continent, country, state/province/region, city, or point of interest and find related articles and other resources. Video Link
Content Timelines World Book Timelines is an interactive database of over 650 premade timelines and over 14,000 individual events. Children can use these timelines as-is, customize them for their individual lessons, or build their own from scratch. Video Link
Content Lerner Sports Encyclopedia Lerner Sports explores the backgrounds, career-defining moments, and everyday lives of popular athletes. Accessible directly through the LightSail platform, the Lerner Sports module helps children develop research skills and citation experience for reports or simply provides a child-friendly space for pleasure reading. Video Link
Features ChildSafe Content Controls All content in LightSail has been rigorously assessed to ensure that it is both educational and appropriate. We automatically filter content for each child’s reading level and age. But we haven’t stopped there! LightSail has created revolutionary ChildSafe Content Controls . Our team reads and evaluates every book based on dozens of maturity and values factors. Then, we give parents complete control over each child’s access. Parents no longer need to read each book in advance to know what potentially objectionable material it contains. Video Link
Features Parental Control Suite LightSail gives parents peace of mind with complete oversight and control over all of their children’s content and activity. Our suite of parental control features let parents monitor and control content, assessments, media, features, chats, and more. Video Link
Features Features for Struggling Readers LightSail’s one-of-a-kind Personalized Reader tool helps struggling readers unlock the magic of books. Whether a child’s reading difficulties are due to dyslexia, ADHD, CVI (cortical visual impairment), or simple distraction, Personalized Reader by LightSail allows them to fully customize their reading experience and access the content in ways no physical book or static e-reader can. Video Link
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Rockstar homeschoolers with kids of all ages, reading levels, and learning styles love LightSail.
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How many parent accounts are included with a child's license?

Every family account includes two Parent Accounts.

I am part of a homeschool group and we share teaching responsibilities. How can I access those accounts?

LightSail has created a Teacher/Coach role that can connect with multiple accounts. This is available as an add-on purchase. This account acts as additional parent with full teacher control to all connected accounts.

Is your platform only Faith-Based?

LightSail is available for both Faith-Based and Secular families. A parent can choose to allow or hide faith-based content including Unit Studies. LightSail has created hundreds of faith-based Unit Studies, Bookmarks, Quotations, and Memory Modules.

If I want to purchase a book with your Premium Books Shop, do I have to buy a copy for each license I purchased?

No, when you purchase a book using our Premium Books Shop, you only need to purchase one copy for your entire family. Your purchase includes unlimited checkouts.

How does LightSail’s ChildSafe protection work?

At LightSail, a parent’s ability to oversee their child’s online experience and align it with their faith and values is of the utmost importance. To this end, LightSail contains an entire suite of parental control features and never-before-seen ChildSafe Content Controls giving parents ultimate peace of mind.

These content controls contain dozens of nuanced subcategories for potentially objectionable material based on both maturity and religious factors. Then, it shows parents if a book contains a reference to any of those subcategories and allows them to block or allow single titles or entire subcategories for each child individually. Our ChildSafe Content Controls offer unprecedented insight into and control over the content your children consume without the need to read every book in advance.

  • Block or allow individual pieces of content.
  • Block or allow entire subcategories of content.
  • Require a child to request parental approval before opening entire subcategories of content.
  • Block, allow, or require requesting parental approval for all Classics library content.
  • Block or require requesting parental approval for all unrated content.

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