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Must-read sports books from Lerner

Homeschooling allows some kids more time to pursue the sport of their choice. Whether your kids take part in team sports, or simply compete in the backyard, each child can benefit from studying their favorite sport. LightSail provides ample opportunity to read up on a wide variety of sports and athletes through their partnership with Lerner Publishing. These sports books for kids are available for all age groups and reading levels. Check out a few popular selections that are currently ready for your sports readers:

1. Early Reader Sports

In the delightful picture book Ella McKeen, Kickball Queen, young readers will learn a valuable lesson about being a good sport and the importance of friendship. You’ll love the fierce graphics as Ella plays kickball.

Ella McKeen, Kickball Queen

2. Middle School Sports

Sports Shorts is an ideal book for readers that like short stories about various sports. Middle/high school students can select their favorite sports-related topic in this 128-page book. Some stories are simply for fun, while others teach valuable lessons from real-life experiences. This sports book is written in a relatable tone for athletes and non-athletes alike. 

Sports Shorts

3. High School Sports

A quick-read sports related book for high school students is Something to Prove: The Great Satchel Paige vs. Rookie Joe Dimaggio.  This 32-page non-fiction book not only highlights the importance of never underestimating your own skills, but also the historic injustice of segregated sports and what athletes faced during the 1930s.

LightSail’s partnership with Lerner Publishing puts numerous sports books for kids at your fingertips.  Many of these sports books are also autobiographical and feature real-life athletes in many sports, both mainstream and extreme.  These books highlight groundbreaking male and female sports figures who have overcome obstacles, including injuries, racial and social injustices, and emotional struggles to attain great accomplishments.  Students and parents will enjoy discussing their favorite athletes and perhaps find some new interests to explore. And, for even more information on your favorite sports heroes, try World Book’s Biography Center to deep dive into the lives of all sorts of athletes.

Something to Prove: The Great Satchel Paige vs. Rookie Joe Dimaggio

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