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How to Create a Homeschool History Curriculum

History can be an intriguing subject when approached correctly. Many students find history to be dull due to the use of hefty textbooks and long lectures. This doesn’t have to be the case! As a homeschool parent, you can bring all subjects to life, including history. Here’s how you can create a homeschool history curriculum that will make any student want to learn more! 

1. Choose a Topic

History literally spans the ages, so it’s important to dial in on a specific topic or time in history. This makes it easier to create a curriculum because it automatically narrows your choices. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. 

  • Pioneer Era
  • The Great Depression
  • African American History
  • Ancient Rome
  • WW2
  • US History
  • The Cold War
  • The Revolutionary War
  • Pandemics
  • Prehistoric times

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg! Take note of what interests your student. There may be a historical figure or era they gravitate to that would make a great unit! 

2. Pick Your Materials

Next, decide what resources you’re going to use in your homeschool. It can be challenging for parents to piece together a curriculum, especially if they have multiple sources. For example, a US history homeschool curriculum may include biographies of presidents, timelines of important events, and audio of famous speeches. LightSail keeps it simple with its library of over 6,000 different books, audiobooks, videos, and more. 

When studying history, it’s crucial to have reliable facts to back your claims! LightSail gives students access to the highly reputable World Book Encyclopedia, including their Timelines, Biography Center, and articles, and Maps and Atlas. There are even images that go along with each page! Students will also benefit from the vast assortment of classic books and audiobooks from different periods. Bonus: All your materials are in one place! 

3. Make It Unique

History doesn’t have to be contained to a book. Your student will learn the most when you create a homeschool history curriculum that fits their unique learning style. Auditory learners may benefit from read-alouds and audiobooks. Kinesthetic learners will appreciate hands-on activities, such as crafting the Mayflower or making a recipe from The Great Depression. Visual learners will love LightSail’s vast selection of videos, images, and timelines. There’s something for everyone!

If you’re struggling to come up with a supplemental activity, here are some tips:

  • Have students dress as characters from the period you’re studying
  • Create a meal specific to a particular era
  • Watch a movie from times past
  • Find a festival, fair, or play based on historical events
  • Visit a museum
  • Create an airplane, car, or invention

Have fun with your curriculum and focus on activities that will make the best memories. Don’t forget to check out LightSail’s unit studies for a pre-selected mix of books, audiobooks, and videos!

Posted on 8.Aug.21 in Book Recommendations, Homeschool Tips

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