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Living Books Science Curriculum 101

“It’s time to start science!” and groans from your students meet your enthusiasm. Sound familiar? Science is an essential subject for homeschoolers, but hefty textbooks can make it hard to get students engaged. Science doesn’t have to be a struggle! A living books science curriculum can renew your student’s interest in learning and take a lot of stress off you. Who knows, science might just become their favourite subject! 

1. What Is a Living Book? 

The term “living book” comes from Charlotte Mason, the founder of the Charlotte Mason learning method. A living book is one that makes a subject come alive!  Living books are active and full of bright pictures, charts, well-written prose, and inspiration. They assume the student is capable of great thinking, and you’ll find that the writing is written on a level that stretches young minds. Living books are a great way to introduce your student to new concepts and ensure they stick! 

2. What Are Some Examples of Living Science Books? 

There are plenty of living books out there, but you have to be willing to look for them! LightSail has done the work for you by creating a comprehensive library full of books that Miss Mason would wholeheartedly endorse. Here are a few of the best science books for homeschooling. 

Animal Structure and Classification by World Book

Students who enjoy cartoons  will appreciate being able to learn science in the form of a graphic novel. This book goes into great detail about the body structure of animals and classification. It even includes a glossary! World Book is a trusted resource in all things reference, and parents will appreciate how much information is packed into this book. 

Animal Structure and Classification

Your Respiratory System by Judith Jango-Cohen

This brilliant book is one of the best living books about anatomy. Students will learn why we need to breathe and how each part of the respiratory system works. The author knows how to present a complex topic in a simple, straightforward way. When you open the pages of this book, you’ll find bright photos, boxes full of fun facts, and great discussion points. This book will be a hit with students and parents alike! 

Your Respiratory System

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Gravitation by James Malcolm

This book is one of the most exciting living books about physics. Many homeschool parents have a hard time finding this scarce book of essays, but LightSail has a permanent place for it in their library! Your high-school students will love learning about Einstein’s little-known thoughts and seeing the various photos that accompany them. 

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Gravitation

Many homeschool parents are balancing working from home and teaching. Or they’re teaching multiple ages! If this is you, you know that time is precious. LightSail can simplify your life by keeping all your materials in one place. A Premium subscription contains over 12,000 books, audiobooks, TED Talks, and more to make learning fun! 

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