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3 Must-Read Electricity Books From Lerner

Posted on 2.Aug.21 in Book Recommendations

Science is an intriguing topic, especially when you step away from the textbooks! Students who find science hard to understand can benefit from well-written books, as they explain concepts in easy-to-understand ways. When paired with engaging text, fun experiments, and bright pictures, science comes to life. This short list of must-read electricity books will capture […]

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3 Must-Read History Fiction Books From Lerner Books

Posted on 2.Aug.21 in Book Recommendations

History is one of the most critical subjects in shaping a child’s mind.  This subject is always most enjoyable when shared by someone who lived through that specific time, as they bring details and emotion that a textbook can’t. Fiction has opened up a world of stories that we would not be able to access […]

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Homeschooling 2nd Grade? Check Out These Book Ideas

Posted on 25.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

homeschooling kids of different ages

Second graders are growing their brains and becoming more fluent readers. As you plan your 2nd grade homeschool curriculum, be sure to include books that encourage your child’s blossoming reading and writing abilities. These four book ideas for second graders will help you get started. Exploring Books Independently: Owl at Home By second grade, kids […]

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Must-Read Classic Poems for Children

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

classic poems for children

Poetry is an integral part of a child’s education. When a child studies poetry, it allows them to see animals, emotions, nature, and people through the lens of imagery. The world looks completely different through the eyes of a poet! Good poetry can make young readers feel emotions they’ve never felt, inspire them to make […]

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Building a homeschool science curriculum around engaging books

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

homeschool science curriculum 2

Do your homeschoolers list science as a favorite school subject? If not, it’s time to turn that around! Kid-friendly books that focus on the wonders of science may be all that it takes to transform your homeschoolers into up-and-coming scientists. Here’s how to build a homeschool science curriculum around engaging books. 1. Explore Science Topics […]

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5 Fun Ways to Use Chapter Books in Your Homeschool

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

chapter books for kids homeschooling

Chapter books hold entire worlds within their covers. Homeschool students who cozy up with chapter books meet fascinating characters and explore amazing stories. Check out these five fun ways to give chapter books for kids a starring role in your homeschool. 1. Transition young readers. Emerging readers cut their teeth on picture books, but many […]

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What Are Autobiographies and How to Homeschool With Them

Posted on 22.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

Autobiographies are works that people write about their own lives. Reading autobiographies is a smart way for your students to connect with people of the past or present. Most history books retell stories about things that happened long ago. A key benefit of autobiographies for kids is that they give first-hand accounts from people who […]

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Must-Read Chemistry Books for Homeschoolers

Posted on 21.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

Chemistry is a subject that can be daunting for many parents. This complex study of substance and matter gets a reputation among students as “boring” or tedious. The truth is, any subject can come to life with the right tools. While textbooks share necessary information, supplemental books can make chemistry lessons stick. For many homeschoolers, […]

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3 Must-Read Biographies for Homeschoolers

Posted on 20.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

must read biography books for kids homeschoolers

When crafting your read-aloud list for the year, don’t forget to add biographies! Learning about the brave men and women in our world is a great way to get your children dreaming about who they may become. Reading this type of book can inspire courage, not only in your children but also in yourself. This […]

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