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What to Look for in a Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Faith is important to your family, so you’re looking for a homeschool curriculum to match. With the best Christian homeschool curriculum, your everyday school activities will help cultivate your children’s beliefs and values. As you pick out an online Christian homeschool curriculum, keep the following three characteristics in mind.

1. Includes Bible as a subject

There’s treasure to be found within the pages of the Bible, and kids are never too young to start exploring it. Your Christian homeschool curriculum may dedicate a portion of each school day to reading, studying, or memorizing the Bible so that children can hide God’s words in their hearts.

How LightSail can help: Our digital Bibles could be an ideal complement to your Christian online homeschool studies. Plus, with our Bible-based Bookmarks and Quotations, your kids can dive deeper into their study and memorization practices.

2. Incorporates matters of faith in all subjects

God’s truth permeates every subject area. There’s no realm of study that doesn’t relate in some way to God or the world he created. A Christian homeschool curriculum should remind your children of this again and again so that they build connections between faith and everyday life.

How LightSail can help: Our ChildSafe Content Controls put you in charge of what your kids read and watch. As your children explore science, math, or history, you can rest easy that they won’t stumble across ideas that conflict with your family values. Also, our Premium Content library gives you easy access to educational books from top Christian publishers.

3. Encourages kids to read classic stories

Christian homeschool publishers know that classics are some of the best books for children to read. Many of these beloved stories teach godly values. Some were even written by people of faith. Classic books may inspire your kids’ imaginations, develop their character, and grow their devotion to God.

How LightSail can help: Our classics library contains thousands of digital books. We offer an enormous library of classic audiobooks, too. With LightSail, it’s easy to make classic stories a foundational part of your children’s education.

For faith-filled families, it’s only natural to choose a Christian homeschool curriculum. LightSail’s resources can help you make the most of whichever Christian homeschool program you choose.

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Posted on 11.Nov.21 in Faith-based

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