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Charlotte Mason Curriculum 101

The Charlotte Mason way of learning focuses on the heart of the child, above all else. Miss Mason believed that children are born whole people with everything they need to become well-rounded. She taught her students with rich materials that would help them form their own ideas about the world around them. Her philosophy influences many curriculums, but you can easily create your own Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum. These simple ideas will help you craft a curriculum that nourishes your child’s mind. 

1. What Type of Books Are Charlotte Mason Approved?

When creating a Charlotte Mason reading curriculum, you’ll want to find high-quality books, or as Miss Mason herself would say, living books. A living book is alive, not dull or lacking depth. Living books are full of beautiful pictures, thought-provoking ideas, well-written prose, and intriguing characters. These materials should be mature, assuming that the child can interpret literature correctly or at least use textual clues to create a summary. 

Miss Mason would advise that you stay away from “twaddle,” or books that do nothing to develop your child’s worldview. There are plenty of these books out there, and, while you may allow them in your child’s free time, it’s a great rule of thumb to stay away from them in your homeschool. The books you choose should interest your child, so hefty textbooks aren’t always ideal. You can teach many concepts through a fictional story or a book with bright photographs and graphic charts. 

2. Curating Your Charlotte Mason Curriculum

It can be challenging to wade through piles of books to find material that fits your standards. Many homeschool parents have enough on their plates and don’t have the time to create a syllabus. If this sounds like you, you’ll benefit from a personalized library at your fingertips. Technology is a fantastic tool that makes it easy to homeschool with purpose. 

LightSail has a fantastic feature called Unit Studies that contains many curated Charlotte Mason materials. A few that may interest you include: 

Charlotte Mason – Early Readers Bible Study: A collection of prayers, songs, Bible stories, and more. This unit study is geared towards early learners, but the entire family will benefit. 

Charlotte Mason – Intermediate Literature and Poetry: This unit is full of living books, many classics! Your entire family will be intrigued by these selections. Whether you’re in the mood to read about Johnny Appleseed, or savor a poem from Shakespeare, this collection has you covered!

Charlotte Mason – Early Elementary Free Reading & Family Read-Alouds: Students may sometimes choose books classified as twaddle rather than living. This collection gives them the power to choose what book they read during their free time, but it also gives them a push in the right direction. Bonus: These living books also make fantastic read alouds! 

Keep in mind that you can also create your own unit studies! LightSail has a vast library full of audiobooks, TED Ed Talks, Classics (always a Charlotte-approved option!), and more. The best part is, you can create an entire curriculum all in one place. LightSail makes homeschooling fun and straightforward! 

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