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Tips for Homeschooling Auditory Learners

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Homeschooling an auditory learner can be a fun, unique experience. These students learn best by hearing material rather than just seeing it. This learning style can present some challenges, but once you know how to teach this student best, they will thrive. Here are some tips for homeschooling auditory learners. 

How Do I Know if I Have an Auditory Learner? 

Spotting an auditory learner isn’t hard once you know what to look for. If the following list sounds similar to your child, you might have an auditory learner. 

  • Elaborate story-teller
  • Great listener
  • Retains information from educational songs
  • Whispers to self when reading
  • Makes a lot of noise when bored
  • Asks a lot of questions after reading directions
  • Loves read-aloud time

What do Auditory Learners Need?

Auditory learners need more one-on-one time than other learning styles. They need someone to explain concepts to them, rather than just to read the material themselves. These students thrive with lots of read-aloud time, flashcards, songs, and lectures. Thoughtful discussions are essential for auditory learners because they allow them to process what they just learned verbally. 

While working on crafts or copywork, auditory learners may appreciate background music. Classical music is always a calming, non-distracting choice. As odd as it may sound, these learners find silence to be more distracting than noise! 

How Can Parents Support Auditory Learners?

The first thing parents can do is accept their child’s unique learning style. Not all great students can learn through reading alone! Your child is in good company, as many famous musicians, such as Beethoven, were also auditory learners. Once you accept your child’s individuality in this area, you’re able to serve that child better. 

This child will also need learning materials that support them. LightSail is perfectly tailored towards auditory learners! Each piece of content in the library has an option to follow along as the book is being read aloud. Over 13,000 audiobooks cover any subject that piques a child’s interest, and there is even an option for parents to create read-aloud assignments where children can record themselves reading

LightSail also offers TED-Talks and TED-ED videos made especially for kids and thousands of educational videos that will further enhance your child’s learning. Our mission is to partner with you in homeschooling your children, no matter their learning style. With a bit of time and some ingenuity, you’ll be able to teach your auditory learner with success! 

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