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Pro Tips for Homeschooling Multiple Ages

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

homeschooling different ages

Figuring out how to homeschool your kids can be overwhelming at first, especially when you add in multiple age levels.  Depending on the ages of your kids and the distance between them, you could potentially have a student in high school, middle, elementary, and pre-K all at the same time.  Even if you only have […]

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4 Homeschool Benefits You Need to Know About!

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

the benefits of homeschooling

There are many advantages of homeschooling, but it can be hard to see the big picture when you’re in the middle of a busy season. Whether new to learning at home or a seasoned pro, every homeschool parent has had moments where they forget why they chose to forge a different path. This short list […]

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The Proven Way to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

improve child reading comprehension

As a homeschool parent, you’ve probably wondered more than once how to improve a child’s reading comprehension. The Lexile Framework can provide the support that you need. With this system, you can identify your child’s reading level and find books to match. Having books at the right level can improve reading skills and foster a […]

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Book Reports for 21st Century Homeschoolers

Posted on 22.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

book reports for homeschooling

Gone are the dull book reports that you may remember from your own school days. Today’s students are putting modern twists on the classic book report format. The next time you assign book reports to your homeschoolers, suggest one of the following creative approaches. Not only will your kids have more fun, but they’ll also […]

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Tips for Homeschooling Auditory Learners

Posted on 21.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

auditory learners homeschooling

Homeschooling an auditory learner can be a fun, unique experience. These students learn best by hearing material rather than just seeing it. This learning style can present some challenges, but once you know how to teach this student best, they will thrive. Here are some tips for homeschooling auditory learners.  How Do I Know if […]

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Create a Home for Lifelong Learning

Posted on 20.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

lifeling learning homeschooling

Most homeschoolers cite lifelong learning as one of the driving factors behind their educational decisions.  As homeschooling parents, we recognize the uniqueness of each child and nurture their specific learning styles and interests, but how do we specifically encourage lifelong learning at home?  Providing situations for imagination and exploration will help your children to not […]

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