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Done-For-You King James Bible Lesson Plans

If you’re a busy homeschool mom, you know how difficult it can be to find the time to teach your kids their required school subjects. Add in Bible study and you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed! That’s why finding ready-made King James Bible lesson plans can be such a blessing in your homeschool.

Including the Bible in your homeschool is important. The good news is, there are many ways to go about teaching it to your kids. Some families participate in a daily devotional, and other families prefer to dive a bit deeper into the scriptures. Whatever you choose, LightSail makes it easy to include the Bible in your homeschool.

Using LightSail to Teach the KJV Bible 

When it comes to King James Bible lesson plans for kids, LightSail truly shines. There are so many resources right at your fingertips that you and your family can take advantage of.

  • Bookmarks – When you dive into the Bookmarks section of the LightSail library, there are dozens upon dozens of resources that have already been created by our in-house team of  experienced homeschooling moms for you to use! Go through the Bookmarks section and find a topic that you want to dive into. Click on the Bookmark of choice, read the associated passage, and go through the questions as a family.
  • Quotations and Memory Modules – In addition to Bookmarks, LightSail also has some pretty extensive Quotations and Memory Module sections. Just toggle the faith-based section and scroll through until you find a topic that meets your interest. Make a goal to memorize each KJV Bible quotation or memory module as a family and soon your kids will be well on their way to mastering their Bible studies.
  • Unit Studies – Another easy way to include the Bible in your homeschool is with unit studies. LightSail has a whole collection of faith-based Unit Studies that you can use to teach your kids all about the Bible. Many of these unit studies even focus exclusively on the King James Bible, making them the perfect at-home KJV Bible lesson plan resources.
    LightSail makes it easy for faith-based families to homeschool their kids. Be sure to check out these other ideas for using the King James Bible in your homeschool! You’re sure to find plenty of insights.

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