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Historical Fiction Ideas for Your Homeschool with a Biblical Worldview

Historical Fiction Ideas for Your Homeschool with a Biblical Worldview 3

Historical fiction brings history to life as students experience the joys and sorrows of past events through well-crafted stories, and Christian historical fiction displays the hand of God at work throughout the ages. Here are three great books for introducing historical periods to your children through wholesome, honorable novels that explore history through the lens of a Biblical worldview. 

1. The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare

Set in the wilderness of Maine in the 1700s, this story draws readers into the experiences of 13-year-old Matt. Matt is left alone when his father must leave their new homestead to fetch the rest of the family. On his own, Matt deals with robbery, a bear invasion, and dwindling food supplies. Matt forges an unlikely friendship with a young Native American, Attean, who teaches Matt survival skills in exchange for reading lessons. Attean enjoys reading the adventures found in Matt’s Bible and shares stories from his own culture.

The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare book

2. Toliver’s Secret by Esther Wood Brady

10-year-old Ellen Toliver is afraid of many things after her father dies in the Revolutionary War. When her grandfather needs her to deliver a loaf of bread containing a secret message for General George Washington, Ellen relies on her faith to make the dangerous journey. Dressed as a boy, Ellen faces many difficult situations along the way. She bolsters her courage with these words from her grandfather’s Psalm book, “I shall walk and not grow weary. I shall run and not faint.”

Toliver’s Secret by Esther Wood Brady book

3. Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt

The pain and confusion of the Civil War play out in this story of 9-year-old Jethro. While two of Jethro’s brothers join the Union army, one brother joins the Confederacy. Jethro and his sister stay behind to help their father run the farm. The family endures a setback in their father’s health, retaliation from neighbors for their Confederate ties, and the pain of losing a brother. Faith in God is woven through this story as characters from Jethro’s mother to President Abraham Lincoln seek God’s guidance.

Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt book

History is anything but boring when the reader becomes part of the action through vivid, captivating narratives. Homeschoolers can find Christian historical fiction with a Biblical worldview among LightSail’s wide selection of content from popular faith-based publishers and public domain content.

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