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Everything You Need to Know About Homeschooling in Nevada (NV)

Taking the plunge into homeschooling can feel intimidating. From lesson plans to curriculum choices to compliance with state laws, it can feel like there is a lot to coordinate. However, understanding state homeschool requirements brings families one step closer to enjoying the freedom that homeschooling affords. Nevada’s homeschool requirements are easy to comply with.

homeschooling laws in navada

Nevada Homeschool Mandates

Nevada compulsory attendance laws require children to be in school from ages 7 through 18. Homeschool parents are not required to meet teaching qualifications or submit their students to immunization or academic testing requirements. However, to set up a home education program in Nevada, parents must:

  • File an initial notice of intent to homeschool containing required information on the students, parents, educational plan, and prior school attendance. The Nevada Department of Education provides a form for this purpose.
  • Teach the required subjects.

Required subjects in Nevada include:

  • English: reading, composition, and writing
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies: history, government, geography, and economics

How to Withdraw Your Child from School in Nevada

If your children currently attend a public or private school, you will need to withdraw them to homeschool. In many cases, sending a withdrawal letter by certified mail to your school district will suffice. Parents must file a notice of intent when beginning a home education program.

Special Education Provisions

Nevada has no additional requirements for parents wishing to homeschool their special needs children. Homeschooled students are eligible for the same special services offered to private school students and may be able to receive services funded by the state and the federal IDEA program.

Record Keeping

Nevada homeschool laws require parents to keep the superintendent’s letter of acknowledgment of their notice of intent to homeschool. Additionally, it is wise to keep a file for each student containing:

  • Attendance records
  • Information on subjects taught and curriculum used
  • School district correspondence, including forms filed
  • Samples of student work
  • Any standardized test scores and evaluations

With a clear understanding of Nevada homeschool laws and the wide availability of resources, homeschooling doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. LightSail’s comprehensive language arts platform provides children with the tools to grow reading, writing, and vocabulary skills. At the same time, LightSail’s built-in assessments and progress-tracking capabilities give parents peace of mind about meeting Nevada’s homeschool requirements.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. It is not legal advice. State laws are constantly changing. Consult an attorney or call your state’s Department of Education for any questions regarding the legalities of homeschooling.

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