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What Is Unschooling, Really, and How to Start

Posted on 22.Jun.21 in Homeschool FAQ

what is unschooling

“Unschooling” is a popular term that you’ll often hear in homeschooling circles, but you may be confused about what it means. In short, unschooling gives kids the freedom to make the whole world their classroom. By learning more about this method, you can determine whether unschooling is the right fit for your family. Unschooling vs […]

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Must-Read Chemistry Books for Homeschoolers

Posted on 21.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

Chemistry is a subject that can be daunting for many parents. This complex study of substance and matter gets a reputation among students as “boring” or tedious. The truth is, any subject can come to life with the right tools. While textbooks share necessary information, supplemental books can make chemistry lessons stick. For many homeschoolers, […]

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Tips for Homeschooling Auditory Learners

Posted on 21.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

auditory learners homeschooling

Homeschooling an auditory learner can be a fun, unique experience. These students learn best by hearing material rather than just seeing it. This learning style can present some challenges, but once you know how to teach this student best, they will thrive. Here are some tips for homeschooling auditory learners.  How Do I Know if […]

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Create a Home for Lifelong Learning

Posted on 20.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

lifeling learning homeschooling

Most homeschoolers cite lifelong learning as one of the driving factors behind their educational decisions.  As homeschooling parents, we recognize the uniqueness of each child and nurture their specific learning styles and interests, but how do we specifically encourage lifelong learning at home?  Providing situations for imagination and exploration will help your children to not […]

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3 Must-Read Biographies for Homeschoolers

Posted on 20.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

must read biography books for kids homeschoolers

When crafting your read-aloud list for the year, don’t forget to add biographies! Learning about the brave men and women in our world is a great way to get your children dreaming about who they may become. Reading this type of book can inspire courage, not only in your children but also in yourself. This […]

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Ready to Give Homeschooling a Try? Here’s How to Start

Posted on 20.Jun.21 in Getting Started

homeschooling how to start

Several prospective homeschoolers have asked me, “What is the hardest part of homeschooling?” I can honestly say that the hardest part is starting. Once I started, everything began to fall into place.  I’ve taught in many different school settings from public to parochial. I finally landed on homeschooling and never looked back.  One morning, I […]

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