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3 Great Homeschooling High School Tips

Posted on 25.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

homeschooling high school 1

Homeschooling high school students is a task that many parents find daunting. The high school years are some of the most formative, and they can affect your child’s future in many ways. While homeschooling a high schooler does take more intention, it doesn’t have to be drudgery. Here are three tips to help you homeschool […]

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Must-Read Classic Poems for Children

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

classic poems for children

Poetry is an integral part of a child’s education. When a child studies poetry, it allows them to see animals, emotions, nature, and people through the lens of imagery. The world looks completely different through the eyes of a poet! Good poetry can make young readers feel emotions they’ve never felt, inspire them to make […]

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Pro Tips for Homeschooling Multiple Ages

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

homeschooling different ages

Figuring out how to homeschool your kids can be overwhelming at first, especially when you add in multiple age levels.  Depending on the ages of your kids and the distance between them, you could potentially have a student in high school, middle, elementary, and pre-K all at the same time.  Even if you only have […]

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4 Homeschool Benefits You Need to Know About!

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

the benefits of homeschooling

There are many advantages of homeschooling, but it can be hard to see the big picture when you’re in the middle of a busy season. Whether new to learning at home or a seasoned pro, every homeschool parent has had moments where they forget why they chose to forge a different path. This short list […]

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The Proven Way to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Homeschool Tips

improve child reading comprehension

As a homeschool parent, you’ve probably wondered more than once how to improve a child’s reading comprehension. The Lexile Framework can provide the support that you need. With this system, you can identify your child’s reading level and find books to match. Having books at the right level can improve reading skills and foster a […]

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Historical Fiction Ideas for Your Homeschool with a Biblical Worldview

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Faith-based

Historical Fiction Ideas for Your Homeschool with a Biblical Worldview 3

Historical fiction brings history to life as students experience the joys and sorrows of past events through well-crafted stories, and Christian historical fiction displays the hand of God at work throughout the ages. Here are three great books for introducing historical periods to your children through wholesome, honorable novels that explore history through the lens […]

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Homeschooling 1st Grade? Must-Read Books for Your Curriculum

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Early Learners

1st grade homeschool curriculum

First grade is a big year for your homeschooler. At this age, your child is a full-fledged elementary student. Every first grader deserves a school year that’s packed with great books. Here are five selections that should be part of your 1st grade homeschool curriculum. The rhyming patterns in the text help your reader to […]

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Building a homeschool science curriculum around engaging books

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

homeschool science curriculum 2

Do your homeschoolers list science as a favorite school subject? If not, it’s time to turn that around! Kid-friendly books that focus on the wonders of science may be all that it takes to transform your homeschoolers into up-and-coming scientists. Here’s how to build a homeschool science curriculum around engaging books. 1. Explore Science Topics […]

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5 Fun Ways to Use Chapter Books in Your Homeschool

Posted on 23.Jun.21 in Book Recommendations

chapter books for kids homeschooling

Chapter books hold entire worlds within their covers. Homeschool students who cozy up with chapter books meet fascinating characters and explore amazing stories. Check out these five fun ways to give chapter books for kids a starring role in your homeschool. 1. Transition young readers. Emerging readers cut their teeth on picture books, but many […]

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